Digital Marketing & Social Media

At Taylor & Company, we understand the power of social media and digital marketing in today’s business landscape. Our integrated social media and digital marketing strategies are designed to help our clients leverage the full potential of digital communications to build brand awareness, engage with their audience, and drive meaningful results.

Our Approach

Integrated Digital Marketing

We create cohesive messages across your social media, website, newsletter, and advertising to build you a strong online identity. Our team revamps websites, creates marketing collateral, and ascertains the best media for your message.

Digital & Social Media Audit & Analysis

We research and analyze your current online footprint across platforms, noting rates of engagement, followers, views, and effectiveness. 

Social Media Strategic Development

Following a strategic plan, we utilize Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other appropriate platforms that align with your brand, audience, and goals. We strategically engage complementary social media pages, building a community that helps elevate your brand.

Content Creation & Curation

We manage content on the appropriate platforms, tailored for your desired and target audience as well as business objectives. We utilize blogs that reach your industry and audience by: pitching, creating, advising, and strategically engaging on posts and comments

Superlative Content

Our experienced writers are masterful at curating content that speaks to your audience, tells your company’s story, and expands brand awareness.

Why Choose Us

Online Identity

We leverage our deep industry knowledge and experience to effectively portray your business online as a prominent and cohesive industry expert. Utilizing the power of social media and digital marketing as an amplification tool helps us expand your message in a multi-channel approach to strategic brand building.

Content Creation & Integrated Digital Marketing

We create content mirroring our strategic media relations messaging to create a cohesive narrative. We then utilize this content created for your social media, website, newsletter, advertising, etc., to build you a strong brand identity online that aids in the development of your owned and paid media campaigns to amplify your corporate messaging.

Get Started

Are you ready to elevate your social media and digital marketing presence and drive meaningful results for your business? Contact us today to learn more about our Social Media and Digital Marketing Management services and how we can help you achieve your business goals. Let us lead the way to connect, engage, and grow your online authority.