Dynamic Architecture and Design Firm Brings Energetic Spirit to Los Angeles

Blitz Announces Launch of Second Studio Location and New Website


Founding Principals Seth Hanley and Melissa Hanley bring Blitz’s creative energy and charisma to Los Angeles. Click here for high-resolution images.

LOS ANGELES: Blitz, a young, charismatic architecture and design firm known for creating fresh and innovative environments that disrupt the status quo for world-renowned industry giants—including Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Skype, Dropbox, and Levi’s—is launching a studio in Los Angeles. Adding to its existing San Francisco headquarters, Blitz’s expansion comes in response to the firm’s substantial growth, as well as requests from existing clients desiring design services in Los Angeles. The multidisciplinary studio is dedicated to bringing an invigorated and optimistic perspective to each project, and offers its clients a full range of design solutions and expertise in the areas of architecture, interior design, graphics, and branding.

Since its founding in 2009, the firm has grown from two employees to 22, with plans to double in the next three years. The Los Angeles studio launch coincides with the company’s rebranding (the firm was formerly known as “Design Blitz”) and new website, www.studioblitz.com.

“Los Angeles is bustling with possibilities—especially the opportunities offered by Silicon Beach and the creative set in entertainment—and the design pulse of the region is palpable,” says co-founding principal, creative director, and Los Angeles studio manager Seth Hanley, AIA, LEED AP. “The city’s rich creative culture has an unmistakably distinct voice, and is an ideal atmosphere for our growing studio. It was a natural next step for Blitz.”

Blitz was established just one day after Seth, along with co-founding principal and CEO Melissa Hanley, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP, were both laid off from the same firm during the height of the Great Recession, when many design firms were shuttering or experiencing hardships. Since then, Blitz has grown substantially to undertake projects in a range of typologies—including commercial, retail, hospitality, and education—across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. This work has led to numerous design awards and international recognition. Throughout the years, the firm has created more than 200 projects across nearly 3.4 million square feet of space.

As an award-winning firm, Blitz brings the personality, culture, and values of each client to life in physical form. Its human-centered design approach involves exploring the soul of their clients’ culture through a process based on investigation, inclusion, and immersive observation, resulting in optimal environments for end-users across typologies. This nimble and responsive design process balances the creation of architectural spaces specifically crafted around a client’s culture with data-driven organizational strategies rooted in technology and strategic research. “The interrelation of left-brain and right-brain approaches enables us to make human-centered environments that are both logical and delightful,” notes Melissa.

The architects’ passion for good design, along with unlimited creative energy, makes them formidable partners and client advocates. They view clients as friends and collaborators, and projects as shared endeavors reflecting common values. As Seth describes it: “We design the projects our clients would design if they were architects.”

Blitz’s structure is more reflective of the multi-disciplined practice’s disruptive clients than it is of a traditional architecture firm. The firm relies on agile methodologies, open communication, quantifiable metrics, and a flat organization to get results. One of its guiding principles is the belief that the caliber of the spaces inhabited by individuals and organizations has a tangible impact on the quality of their lives.

Although Blitz’s roots and expertise are best known within the technology sector, clients within other industries—such as service firms, educational institutions, and medical and bio-tech companies—seek out the designers to challenge these historically traditional sectors to think differently about their spaces and work habits. In this way, Blitz embarks on many roles, from designer to advisor, in order to guide organizations toward solutions that support their people, reflect their culture, and boost their bottom line.