Architect’s Personal Abstract Painting Inspires Design for Debut Product

Hedy Bench’s Striking Colorful Graphic Adds Distinction to Any Space


The limited-edition Hedy Bench, designed by Dan Brunn, AIA, balances minimalism with graphic complexity. A detail shows Hedy Bench’s vividly colored, hand-painted gestures. (L-R) Image courtesy Dan Brunn Architecture; Photo by Brandon Shigeta. Click here for high-resolution images.

LOS ANGELES: For the first time, Dan Brunn, AIA, founder and principal of Dan Brunn Architecture, designs a limited-edition product offering available to consumers.  Hedy Bench features a vividly colored, hand-painted abstract graphic inspired by a personal painting by the architect titled “Two Bodies.”  The painting is an interpretation of humanity’s similarities when cultural differences are stripped away.  On the exterior surface, and along one side, the bench displays a portion of the painting.  Made of solid beechwood slats with two side-facing solid beechwood drawers, each limited-edition bench showcases natural variations that add to the piece’s distinction.

“The design was born by taking a bench form commissioned by my clients Samy and Hedy Kamienowicz for the Flip Flop House, and incorporating undulating, organic lines and pronounced color.  The bench provides contrast to an otherwise blank architectural canvas,” said the architect, known for embracing a balance of minimalism with structural complexity.  Additional contrasts can be seen throughout the design: in the painting’s distinction between color and blank space, in the beechwood slats and the void between them, and in the additional storage space beneath the bench.

Each bench is signed and numbered by the designer and intended to be a striking addition to any collection. Available upon request at

Los Angeles-based Dan Brunn Architecture, founded in 2005 by Dan Brunn, AIA, develops commercial and residential projects worldwide.  Brunn utilizes provocative spatial choreography to harmonize light with volume.  Inspired by the Bauhaus architecture of his native Tel Aviv, he reinterprets Modernist principles in minimalist designs for living, shopping, and dining.  Brunn’s portfolio includes furniture design that addresses the needs of living room, bedroom, and bath with highly functional, sophisticated, and streamlined solutions.

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Architect and designer Dan Brunn, AIA, Principal, Dan Brunn Architecture. Photo by Stefania Rosini.